Khan: Empire of Silver


Blind obedience to the Khan is no longer taken for granted in this fourth novel of the Mongol empire saga. As the sons and grandsons of Genghis Khan yield in obedience to Ogedai, about to become the current Khan, they secretly plot to overthrow Ogedai through assassination, attack and other disloyal plans. Each believes he would be a better ruler.

Their story begins with the son of a traitor restored to the tribe’s favor by Ogedai Khan. Shamed by association, Batu never understands the reason for his elevation to the status of a soldier in training. That gratefulness evolves by hard work and obedience to shape a man who is highly capable but who fails to understand that he still does not possess one iota of the military strategy skills possessed by his elders. Ogedai’s brother, Chagatai, attempts to seize power by attack the night before Ogedai is to receive the loyalty oaths of every Mongol leader. Foiling the attack, Ogedai sends his brothers to conquer distant lands. But peace is not to prevail, for Ogedai is haunted by his weakening heart and a malaise sucking the life out of him after a significant battle against the Chinese that made him face his own mortality head-on. As his brothers travel and conquer the far-off lands of Russia and elsewhere, it is two women who restore the Khan to better health, contemplating their position of power and the likelihood of their children ascending to the throne after Ogedai’s death.

The intrigues and action are nonstop, with a glimpse into an ever-changing world where intrigue attempts to overthrow tradition. Conn Iggulden has written another blockbuster story for old and new readers alike, a noteworthy addition to the world of excellent historical novels.

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Alt title
Empire of Silver

(US) $26.00
(UK) £18.99

(US) 9780385339544
(UK) 9780007201808