Kelly and the Three-Toed Horse

Written by Peter Bowen
Review by Steve Lewis

Based on the real-life adventures of the legendary Luther “Yellowstone” Kelly, or so it’s claimed, this is the third book in the series. On the basis of this sample, I’d be obliged to say there’s more legend here than real life.

By the late 1800s, civilization was gradually working its way westward, but Wyoming was still a wild and woolly frontier, not really a safe haven for tourists or for rival groups of dinosaur hunters, one of which hires Kelly, the renowned adventurer and scout. There is a third party involved, the delectable sexually-overcharged Alys de Bonneterre, who claims Kelly as her own. There is much movement back and forth across the countryside, as well as to Boston and back, to no great import. Complicating matters is a crazed homicidal Cheyenne named Blue Fox, a graduate of Dartmouth — plus an Arabian prince with an entourage of elephants.

But by this time, any hope of a coherent plot is long gone. A farce of great magnitude, narrated by Kelly himself in semi-illiterate vernacular – this is a story that gets less and less interesting as the book goes on. Read with caution. The opinions of others may vary.