Josiah’s Treasure

Written by Nancy Herriman
Review by Marie Burton

Don’t let the amateurish cover image dissuade you from this inspirational romance by Nancy Herriman. In San Francisco in 1882, we are introduced to Sarah as she is coping with the loss of a close friend and benefactor. She is grateful for the inheritance that Josiah has left her and has made plans with that money which go towards securing her future and that of other young ladies. Unforeseen changes occur when Josiah’s long-lost son, Daniel, shows up from Chicago to claim the treasure of gold that Josiah has purportedly hidden, along with claiming his rights as heir to Josiah’s estate.

Images of the seedy side of San Francisco lace the chilly atmosphere once the rumors of Josiah’s treasure circulate and put Sarah in danger. We watch the characters develop just as we are trying to find out the history behind Josiah’s reasons for abandoning his family and the past that Sarah has tried so hard to erase. Daniel and Sarah are admirable characters, each trying to make the future brighter for others as well as themselves, but they each need Josiah’s inheritance to achieve their goals. Herriman’s story weaves unpredictable suspense in with the light romance, and there is just a small thread of the usual faith questions threaded throughout, making Herriman’s newest novel a gratifying reading experience.