Johnny Montana

Written by Michael Zimmer
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Gold lures men to the Redhawk mining district of Montana in the late 1880s. Unfortunately, leaving the district with your gold is difficult because Brett Cutter and his gang of Cut-throats would take it from you. Johnny Montana, along with three partners, has gathered enough gold dust to make an attempt to leave the district. Johnny is elected to try to get the gold out of the district without the Cut-throats’ knowledge. After Johnny leaves camp, he is joined by a woman whose prospector husband died recently. She would accompany him on his trip, feeling safer than making the journey alone. The book tells of the problems the duo run into when they try to leave, followed closely by the Cut-throats.

With each chapter ending in a cliffhanger, the book is a page-turner filled with excitement and suspense, as Montana attempts to make it out of the mining district. The Cut-throats eventually learn that Montana would be difficult to rob and kill.

The author has written five other Western novels, and his extensive research on the Old West has paid off. His characters come alive in this tale of western desperadoes, a good guy with a cool name, and the mysterious ability he has to stay alive (as their fellow gang members continue to die by his hand, the Cut-throats ask the question: “Who is that guy?”). Highly recommended for Western enthusiasts.