Jasmine Nights


In 1942, Saba Tarcan, a determined and talented young singer from Cardiff, joins ENSA, the Entertainments National Service Association, much to her Turkish father’s and English mother’s displeasure. During a hospital concert, she meets Dominic Benson, a wounded fighter pilot, and they are attracted to each other. Saba is sent to North Africa to entertain the troops and because of her knowledge of Turkish, she is asked to assist the Secret Service. Dominic pursues Saba to the Middle East, and they fall in love while the war rages around them. But Saba cannot tell Dominic about her work for the Secret Service, and this causes problems for the young couple.

This is a wonderful romance and adventure story about two passionate young people determined to live life to the fullest, knowing they may not live to see tomorrow. Despite the dangers, Dominic won’t give up the flying he loves so much, and Saba is determined to have a singing career, while bravely doing what the Secret Service asks.

I enjoyed Gregson’s East of the Sun very much, so I had high hopes for this book, and it did not disappoint. The story, the characters (even the supporting ones), and the setting were all rich with detail and expertly done, and I was totally engrossed. The contrast of the glamorous, exotic setting with the gritty reality of life in a war zone was compelling and made for a great read. Not to be missed.

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