Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas

Written by Stephanie Barron
Review by Barbara Goldie

This is the 12th in Stephanie Barron’s Jane Austen Mystery series. As the title indicates, it takes place during the period between Christmas and Epiphany. Jane, her sister, mother, brother, his sick wife and their young daughter find themselves invited to a fancy residence called The Vyne to celebrate the holidays. At first all is fun and good cheer, but when a messenger appears bearing sensitive information and then turns up dead, Jane suspects it was not a horrible accident, but rather foul play. Snowbound with the other guests, what began as a respite turns into an investigation with a murderer possibly lurking around every corner.

This was my first of the Jane Austen mysteries, and I enjoyed it immensely. While the mystery itself was a little confusing because of all its angles, I loved the historical detail Barron puts into her work. She captures Austen’s writing style so well, even using the old spelling of a few words that I often forgot I wasn’t reading one of Austen’s original works. It’s a wonderful read that I highly recommend to Austen and period fans, as well as those looking for an immersive holiday read.