Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas

Written by Stephanie Barron

The book has an enticing cover, which depicts the book very well. The story is set in 1814, and Jane Austen has been invited to spend Christmas with the Chute family at The Vyne. One of the visitors dies in an accident, or is it a case of murder by one of the other guests?

I was drawn into the book immediately, I enjoy crime fiction and historical fiction and this was a perfect match. It kept me hooked all the way through. The language is beautiful, descriptive and well written; it has believable dialogue and vivid descriptions. There were great characters, which were well drawn. The mystery is revealed at a good pace. It had a slow build-up that quickened as the story unfolded, gathering great pace at the end. There were surprising twists and turn throughout so the book keeps the reader’s interest.

It was lightened by humour along the way, and had a great sense of time and place. Christmas in Regency times was brought vividly to life.

I loved Jane Austen as an amateur detective. It was an easy read for me, a good book to curl up with at this time of year along with a glass of mulled wine. This is the first book of the series I have read but I will certainly be searching out more. That said, it also works well as a standalone novel. A great read!