Jackson Hole Journey

Written by Linda Jacobs
Review by Jo Ann Butler

Lovely young Francesca di Paioli has come a long way from New York to Wyoming to work as a chef at a Jackson Hole dude ranch. Her hopes are dashed because another cook was hired, but William Sutton offers her a position at his own family’s ranch. The next day she and William are buried in the infamous 1925 Gros Ventre landslide. They are rescued, but it’s been a turbulent 24 hours. Francesca only wonder what is coming next.

Her life remains unsettled when both William and his brother Bryce begin to court her. She has already bonded with William under the landslide debris, but her heart turns toward freedom-loving Bryce, especially when William proposes an affair, not marriage. Which suitor will Francesca choose, and will the rivalry tear the Sutton family apart? At the same time, ranchers and preservationists battle over the future of Jackson Hole. And will the landslide debris dam blocking the Gros Ventre River hold?

Linda Jacobs follows her award-winning Yellowstone Series with the historical novel, Jackson Hole Journey. I haven’t read the Yellowstone books yet, but opened Jackson Hole Journey with high expectations because I adore the Teton-Yellowstone area. I enjoyed every word. Jacobs places the majestic Teton landscape before the reader in living color, and populates it with believable characters and a romantic story which never cloys. If you like a fast-moving story with adventure, history, love, and peril, try Jackson Hole Journey.