It Was Only Ever You


Three women, Rose, Ava, and Sheila, center around Patrick Murphy’s life in late 1950s New York. He is a handsome, charismatic singer who aspires to become part of the early Rock and Roll scene. Before Patrick immigrated to New York, a love story began in Ireland between him and Rose. When the story moves to New York, Patrick is lonely and hears nothing from Rose; then Ava comes into his life. Sheila is trying to break into the male-dominated world of music managers. She discovers Patrick and believes in his star potential. Meanwhile, still in Ireland, Rose has learned about where Patrick is and a deception by her parents to remove him from her life. This explains Patrick’s disappearance. She runs away to New York to find him, but discovers him already married to Ava.

This is a relaxing comfort read with more than one romantic storyline. There is Dermot who wants to marry Ava, and Iggy who is falling for Sheila. The novel is not predictable. There are some plot turns that left me guessing until the end who will end up with Patrick. Rose is the first love who he had planned to marry. He also has a special love for Ava and his unborn child. He and Sheila have formed a bond while she guides his career. All the characters are struggling to find true love and their place in the world. Kerrigan’s writing hooks you and sweeps you along. Anyone with a fondness for romance novels will love this book.

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(US) 9781784082420