It Wakes In Me

Written by Kathleen O'Neal Gear
Review by Gerald T. Burke

In what is now west-central Florida in prehistoric times, Sora, the leader of Black Falcon Nation, is suspected of multiple murders, including that of her father. Since childhood, she has been plagued by blackouts. According to Black Falcon Nation legend, each individual has three souls: the eye-soul, the shadow-soul, and the reflection-soul. The shadow-soul has been known to return in others and commit heinous deeds. In the midst of her confusion, Sora is approached by Skinner and told that her ex-husband, Flint, is dead, but she suspects Flint’s shadow-soul is living in Skinner. Meanwhile, the chief of the Loon Tribe, an enemy, offers a reward of precious jade if she loans him warriors to attack another tribe, enemies to both of them. Finally she is ambushed and taken prisoner. Through strange erotic rituals and personal trials, she learns the truth about herself.

Gear has crafted yet another compelling story of Native American history containing intrigue, adventure, and mystery. This is the second installment of the trilogy; It Sleeps in Me is the first, and It Dreams in Me will follow. I’ve only read this installment, but I have read other novels by Gear, and find them consistent examples of masterfully written historical fiction.