Written by David Gibbins
Review by Lucille Cormier

Inquisition is not your usual Grail quest. David Gibbins has created a 21st-century version with Jack Howard, hero of nine previous adventure stories, as the intrepid seeker of the mythical cup.

The story begins with a Christian centurion fleeing Rome carrying a sacred relic. Jump to present-day Cornwall, where Jack Howard and his crew of marine archeologists discover puzzling artifacts from a centuries-old sunken ship. The author then takes us to Tangier in1684 AD, where Samuel Pepys is managing the British evacuation. Pepys acquires a precious parcel, then sails to Portugal and delivers it to a Jewish merchant. The Inquisition arrives and tortures the merchant but fails to learn the parcel’s whereabouts. As the puzzle pieces come together, we return to the present. Howard is heading for the Caribbean and a grand slam of a finale.

Inquisition is a made-for-movie book. It moves non-stop, has terrific locations, attractive characters, and, of course the romance of the Grail. Best of all, the history is impeccable. The English evacuation of Tangier, Port-Royal earthquake, and the “Black Hand” all flow smoothly and authentically into the story. It’s a fun read, and I hope it does make it to the big screen.