Incredible Tretchikoff: Life of an Artist and Adventurer

Written by Boris Gorelik
Review by Marina Maxwell

Vladimir Tretchikoff was adored by the public and loathed by the critics. From humble beginnings in Siberia, he suffered many misfortunes and narrow escapes from death. In Shanghai he designed newspaper advertisements, in Singapore he climbed the social ladder, only to have his life again torn apart by war. Taken prisoner in Indonesia he was forced to use his skills for the enemy. Finally he made it to Cape Town, where he was reunited with his family. Despite the hostility of the art establishment, with sheer determination he set out to take the world by storm with iconic works like Chinese Girl. The publishers describe this book as having the “pace and suspense of a novel,” and that is an accurate summation. Lavishly illustrated and tightly written, this is an enthralling exploration of the life and work of perhaps the 20th century’s most controversial artist. Highly recommended.