In Too Deep

Written by Mary Connealy
Review by B. J. Sedlock

1866 Colorado: Rather than return East, widowed Audra reluctantly agrees to an arranged marriage to her stepdaughter’s brother-in-law, Ethan. Both have issues that make the wedded path less than smooth: Audra’s hateful father sold her to her first husband to pay gambling debts, and Ethan built an emotionless shell to deal with guilt over his part in injuring his younger brother Seth. There’s no time to gradually get to know each other, however: Audra’s first husband had stolen money and hidden it who-knows-where, and they must find it before the rightful owner’s hired henchmen arrive to seek revenge.

This Christian novel has lots of action: the characters career from caves to ranch and back again, with gunplay thrown in. Yet I would have liked less action and more characterization. Connealy does give the main couple historical reasons for their actions, but I still didn’t especially care about them. Perhaps reading the first volume of the Kinkaid Brides series would have helped; this second one has many references to incidents in the first. I did appreciate some humorous passages: “Seth frowned at his plate as if his vegetables were misbehaving.” Inspirational fiction fans who prefer action to characterization will like it.