In the Shadow of Jezebel (Treasure of His Love, Book 4)

Written by Mesu Andrews
Review by Lauren Miller

Princess Jehosheba was reared to be a Queen of Destiny, following in the footsteps of her domineering mother, Athaliah, Queen of Judah, and tyrannical grandmother, Jizebaal, mother of the King of Israel. Living in the shadow of these powerful women, Jehosheba fears their manipulative ploys to establish a stronger king on the throne and their iron-fisted control over her future destiny. In a ploy to increase the worship and dominance of Baal Melkart, Jehosheba, a priestess of Baal, is ordered to marry and seduce the high priest of Yahweh.

Andrews’ latest novel is packed with political intrigue and the clash of two religions striving for dominance in Israel. Interspersed with references to the Bible and a character chart and family tree, Andrews provides guidance for the reader to the historical connection and a much-needed explanation of who the major players of the book are, since so many character names are similar. The pairing of Jehosheba and the high priest (two completely opposite personalities) and their respective struggles with faith and healing make for a powerful look at what life may have been like in 843 BC in the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.