In the Name of the King

Written by A.L. Berridge
Review by Mike Ashworth

France, 1640. Following directly on from the excellent Honour and the Sword, Andre de Roland travels to Paris to stay with his grandmother to address his future. When Andre stumbles on a conspiracy with Spain, which goes to the heart of the king’s household, to overthrow the king he finds himself accused of treason and is forced into hiding. It is up to Andre to risk his life and his honour to uncover the evidence which will allow Cardinal Richelieu to take action.

The story is written from the point of view of several different characters, but, interestingly, not from that of de Roland. This allows the story to be told from a multifaceted viewpoint, bringing an immediacy and intimacy to the story. Well researched and written, the plot is fast paced and exciting. The action is virtually nonstop, while the battle scenes are realistic and compelling. You can read and enjoy this novel without having read Honour, but it will help if you have. This is one to keep and enjoy over and over again. Highly recommended.