In the Company of Sherlock Holmes

Written by Laurie R. King (ed.) Leslie S. Klinger (ed.)
Review by Mary F. Burns

For anyone who loves Sherlock Holmes, this is a must read! It’s a collection of short stories by a wide variety of popular writers—Sara Paretsky, Harlan Ellison, Gahan Wilson (who does a kind of graphic novel version), John Lescroart, Michael Connelly, and more—who were asked to write an original “Sherlockian” story. The results are fabulous, exceedingly original, and even mind-and-genre-bending.

Some are set in “classic” Victorian/Edwardian times, some are contemporary with an interesting character playing the part of Sherlock—and Watson, too. One is written completely in text messages, emails and tweets—it’s hysterically funny! My personal favorite is a twisted tale that focuses on Moriarty. There’s even one written from the point-of-view of a horse!

The editors really knew what they were doing when they asked these writers to pour forth their best in homage to the Great Detective. Laurie King is the author of the Mary Russell series (in which Holmes plays a co-starring role), and Leslie Klinger is the editor of the New Annotated Sherlock Holmes. The stories themselves range from a very few pages to more than twenty, with titles like “The Crooked Man,” “The Adventure of the Laughing Fisherman,” “Art in the Blood,” “The Thinking Machine,” and “The Problem of the Empty Slipper (with illustrations).” They are clever, unique, humorous, thoughtful and eminently great reading. I give it my highest recommendation!