In Perfect Time

Written by Sarah Sundin
Review by Beth Turza

The latest in the WWII-era Wings of the Nightingale series follows Lt. Kay Jobson, an army nurse who prides herself on having a boyfriend for every night of the week. She finds her flirtations do not seem to have any effect on Lt. Roger Cooper. Instead, Roger gives her his Bible in hopes to save her from her downward spiral, and will not become another of her boyfriends. Kay discovers a great deal about herself and finds that the need to be loved by everybody is not as important as being truly loved by one. Perhaps she can prove this to Roger? The new Kay also is charged by her commander with trying to create more of a spirit of unity within her unit, achieving this only through a near disaster.

I am already a fan of Sarah Sundin’s inspirational novels. She researches the period, the theatres of war, and units involved in her Nightingale series very well. Faith and sweet romance during wartime are reoccurring themes in her books, and in this one the lesson learned involves finding oneself through finding God. This book is a nice follow-up to the others in the series, as I learned how the stories of the other nurses in Kay’s unit have moved forward in their relationships and their lives.