In Every Heartbeat

Written by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

On the brink of World War I, three orphans, Libby Conley, Pete Leidig and Bennett Martin, enter college together, each longing for something different: Libby wants to become a journalist, Pete is called to the ministry and Bennett just wants to belong and have fun. Libby soon learns that being a woman and wanting to become a journalist is difficult, as journalism isn’t an acceptable profession for women in society. Pete soon learns about his parents and wishes to find them, even though they abandoned him as a child and left him in an orphanage. Bennett, although gregarious and fun-loving, has difficulty fitting in with the other college students because he was raised in an orphanage.

This is a novel filled with inspirational messages of faith and the belief that God will see the major characters through their problems with prayer. Ms. Vogel’s novels have won many awards in the Christian community. I thought the novel told a good story, especially of Peter’s plight to connect with his family. It is a well-written book, although predictable in its outcome. Although the main characters held a strong Christian faith, I didn’t find the story too “preachy” but presented the fact that faith in God can help one to overcome life’s ups and downs. If you enjoy a feel-good story of human drama with interesting main characters, you will enjoy this book.