In Dreams Forgotten (Golden Gate Secrets)

Written by Tracie Peterson
Review by Waheed Rabbani

February 1906, San Francisco. Judith is residing in the house of a friend, Camrianne; she’d met her on the train from Denver. Judith’s parents had died, leaving her with few possessions and no information about her relatives. However, an old letter—without a return address—to her mother indicated the presence of an aunt in San Francisco. Camrianne’s brother, Caleb, a lawyer, manages to locate Judith’s family. Judith is surprised that they are the wealthy Whitleys, and the matriarch wants her to dwell in their Knob Hill mansion. Judith, although enamored with Caleb, reluctantly complies. It seems Judith’s forgotten dreams are coming to fruition, but when a series of life-threatening events occurs, she faces not only a rogue but also a catastrophic natural disaster.

This second novel of the Golden Gate Secrets series continues the story of one of the three women who met on a train bound for San Francisco, and each wants to resolve issues from their past. Written in Peterson’s fluid style, the novel brings 1900s ‘Frisco before our eyes. While this is an inspirational romance, with characters at times seeking God’s assistance during their difficult times, these prayers occur as part of the story and do not seem forced.