I’ll Get By

Written by Janet Woods
Review by Beth Turza

In this wonderful glimpse into WWII London, Meggie Elliot moves in with her loving Aunt Esme and Uncle Leo as she decides what direction her adult life will take her. Meggie’s dream is to attend the university to study law, so she begins this path by working in a law office, where she develops her first crush. London is experiencing daily bombing, and in order to serve her country, Meggie joins the WRNS. She is assigned as an assistant to a wealthy aristocrat who works in a top secret office, where her quick mind assists her superiors with breaking codes. There is more to Lord Nick Cowan than meets the eye. He is involved in mysterious and dangerous work on the side and has a history of past indiscretions that the analytical Meggie begins to piece together. Her affection for her boss begins to grow into passion, and new discoveries open up the eyes of this bright young woman.

While reading the first chapter of Janet Woods’ book, the characters seemed familiar to me. Although not advertised as a series, the story picks up the lives of those in her Depression-era novel Secrets and Lies, which I had reviewed earlier this year. Now the little girl Meg has grown up. Once again the author has breathed life into the lives of each person and writes their stories with the historical authenticity that one expects from a historical novel.