I Will Give My Love an Apple: The Savernake Novels Book 4

Written by Susanna M. Newstead
Review by Sally Zigmond

It is 1204. The winter is harsh, and a stranger is found assaulted and left to die in the forest surrounding the village of Savernake. Although he eventually recovers from his physical injuries, he has no recollection of who he is and what he was doing in the area in the first place. Sir Aumary Belvoir, the warden of the forest of Savernake, Wiltshire and newly appointed Constable, sets out to solve the crime, which is the first of many revealing the presence of evil amongst them when they are snow-bound in the village.

The Savernake Novels are stylish medieval murder mysteries featuring Sir Aumary. A childhood friend of King John, he is not what you might expect, as he is a kind and fair-minded man, respected by all both high and low. This is the first of the series I have read and enjoyed it so much, I am determined to read the whole series, each one taking its title from a traditional English song.