Hurricane Hole

Written by John Kerr
Review by Edward James

Hurricane Hole is a WW2 thriller set in the Bahamas. Since this was not a very active theatre of war, much of the action takes place beside swimming pools, over drinks on the verandah and on luxury yachts. The premise is that the Germans were plotting to seize the Bahamas to set up a U-boat base to cut the supply of oil from the Gulf of Mexico to Britain. While it is possible that a small German force might have been able to take the lightly defended islands, it is inconceivable that they would have been able to hold them long enough to be useful against the inevitable American counterattack. However, if we suspend disbelief on this point, we are left with an entertaining little tale of the American agent who foils the plot.

The Duke of Windsor, the then-Governor of the Bahamas, features in the story, as does Sir Harry Oakes, the millionaire whose unsolved murder was the cause célèbre of the time. A beautiful English millionairess and double agent provides the love interest.