Hunting Shadows

Written by Charles Todd
Review by Beth Turza

A great mystery is indeed a pleasure to read. Charles Todd doesn’t let the reader down with Hunting Shadows, a book that takes place in and around Ely in England in 1920, just following WWI. Inspector Rutledge is called in after a murder is brazenly committed outside a village church as wedding guests were assembling. The murderer went unnoticed, as he was able to blend in with other pedestrians after shooting accurately from a distance; perhaps he is a veteran sharpshooter? The next murder victim does not seem to be related, but the murderer may be the same. We follow Rutledge’s investigations as he talks to uncooperative members of both communities and picks up clues that others offer to him without knowing that the puzzle pieces are falling together. This story keeps the reader wondering right up to the end as the list of motives and suspects begins to grow. Rutledge is clever in his examination, and he uncovers unhappy and vengeful histories surrounding a number of people. Well written and highly recommended to all lovers of history and mystery.