Hope’s Highest Mountain (Hearts of Montana)

Written by Misty M. Beller
Review by Tom Vallar

Four people on a freight wagon pulled by two mules in a Rocky Mountain snowstorm in 1866 – what could possibly go wrong? Nearly everything, as only one beautiful young woman survives the wagon’s pitch down the mountainside. Fortunately for her, Dr. Micah Bradley hears the braying of the mules over the howling wind in a struggle to prevent the wagon from tumbling even further.

Ingrid Chastain has broken her leg, lost her father, and doubts the qualifications of the mountain man who rescues her from the crash. Her overriding concern is to get the vaccines they were carrying to the smallpox victims of Settler’s Fort in the Montana Territory. Although she discovers this man last doctored over five years ago in Indiana, she realizes his care is healing her wounds. When she is able to travel, they set out on a harrowing journey that will change them both.

Any doubt this is an inspirational historical novel is laid to rest by the fourth page when the Lord’s name is invoked, and there are more than a hundred spoken or thought prayers in the course of its 300 pages. The situations, though, call for the intervention of a higher power to bring Ingrid and Micah through the challenges thrown in their way. This is Book One in a new series and follows the author’s four other successful series set in the American West. Misty M. Beller writes a compelling story that is true to its time period and gripping in its pace and action. Her characters are worth praying for and cheering for.