Honors Rendered

Written by Robert N. Macomber
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In 1889, Lt. Commander Peter Wake is ordered to the Pacific island of Samoa. Trouble is brewing between the German presence in the Pacific and America’s interest in the islands. There is a fear in Washington that war between German and American naval fleets may be on the horizon. Wake is with the Office of Naval Intelligence; his mission to spy on the German facilities in Samoa and prevent a war. En route to Samoa, Wake enlists the help of John Irons, who owns a schooner and is on his own mission to free black slaves on plantations on Pacific islands; Jane Cushman, a widow who may have ties with the German navy; and Captain David Aukai, working for the Hawaiian government, who has his own reasons for eliminating the German presence in the Pacific.

Honors Rendered is the eleventh entry in the award-winning naval historical fiction series by Robert Macomber. The series began with Wake commanding a ship during the American Civil War and has continued with Wake involved in conflicts in the Caribbean and as far away as Viet Nam. I have read all the books in the series. Each book can stand alone, but it is well worth it, from the standpoint of character development, to read them in sequence. The author and his staff have spent hours of research and visited the locations of each story. One added bonus, the book contains endnotes for each chapter that explain the actual history in more detail. The characters are well drawn out, the plots are exciting, and the story is a page-turner. It is recommended for male readers by the publisher, but I also feel female readers who enjoy stories with close relationships will find this novel attractive. Highly recommended.