Homeward My Heart

Written by Judith Pella
Review by Viviane Crystal

World War II is over, but Stalin’s increasingly paranoid behavior has fashioned Russian society into a consistently fearful and dangerous place. The Hayes women, previously depicted in the first three novels of the “Daughters of Fortune” series, attempt to refashion normal lives in America and Germany. Memories of the war, however, cannot be extinguished. Cameron’s husband is imprisoned, first figuratively and later literally, in Russia. Blair longs for a child she can never birth because of her torture endured as a Japanese POW but is expected to respond lovingly to her Japanese niece, Emi. Jacqueline reveals to her father the secret everyone else is hiding. And suddenly, in a rather contrived manner, all three wind up traveling to Russia and attempting to free Alex, Cameron’s husband. Acknowledging that it must be difficult to maintain a sustainable and exhilarating plot, Pella succeeds in bringing the family saga to a faith-filled, inspiring end.