Home for the Holidays

Written by Johanna Lindsey
Review by Deborah Sanford

Vincent Everett, Baron of Windsmoor, is determined to take revenge on the man who supposedly destroyed his brother, George Ascot. The Baron sets out to undermine the Ascot family by wreaking havoc with their credit, spreading false rumors of their financial difficulties, and by purchasing the deed to their home. Upon evicting the Ascot children, the baron meets Larissa and decides to seduce her – thus further add disgrace to the Ascot name. Of course the baron falls in love, learns of his feelings after losing the girl, and then must win her back.

Although the potential for a good story is here, it is not reached. I have read all of Lindsey’s books and was sorely disappointed by Home for the Holidays. The characters lack the usual intensity of a Lindsey creation, and the story falls flat. In addition, the Christmas connection is minimal and adds little to the story. If you have read the rest of Lindsey’s books you’ll probably read this one as well; just be prepared for a poor imitation of what you have come to expect from this author.