Home by Nightfall

Written by Charles Finch
Review by Jeanne Greene

This novel takes former Member of Parliament Charles Lenox home to Surrey to visit his elder brother, Sir Edmund. Even while keeping his eye on London where a concert pianist has disappeared, Lenox gets involved in a local murder, which requires delving into his past. He is no longer an “amateur” sleuth, however; he’s turned professional. The crime-solving process is successful—but watching Lenox struggle with his new role is far more interesting.

This is class-conscious England in 1876, remember? As a businessman with a staff of professional investigators and an office in London, Lenox is now “in trade.” He is very aware that his status has changed—and nowhere more than at the side of his titled brother in the village where they grew up,

Will Charles Lenox be content as a tradesman? Or will he revert to his aristocratic roots? Finch may be setting his readers up for more changes ahead. Highly recommended for series fans and all who enjoy cozy English mysteries.