Hitler’s Secret

Written by William Osborne
Review by Wisteria Leigh

In a secret rendezvous at the Tower of London, Prime Minister Winston Churchill meets with Admiral Macpherson from British intelligence. It is June 1940, and Hitler is clearly winning the war. German troops continue their relentless drive to conquer territory, U-boats are blasted out of the ocean, and Roosevelt is reluctant to declare war. But Rudolf Hess, Deputy Fuhrer of the Third Reich, has information that will place Britain at a clear advantage. And he is prepared to defect to the Allies’ side.

Admiral Macpherson recruits two teenagers as operatives to get through the German lines to Hess. After grueling weeks of training, Otto and Leni are told about the dangerous mission ahead: They will parachute into Germany, where they must capture a child, Angelika, who is Hess’s ward. Access to the girl is difficult, as she lives in an island-bound Benedictine convent, but they must find her and get her to the Swiss border at all costs.

William Osborne knows the perfect formula to captivate a teenage audience: a fearless hero and heroine, a plot riddled with adventure and surprise, and believable banter between the main characters all along the way. Readers will relate to and embrace the characters of Leni and Otto, who are imperfect and impulsive yet bright and determined in the face of dangers of historical consequence.