His Secret Mistress

Written by Cathy Maxwell
Review by Ray Thompson

When he learns from his sister that her son, the Duke of Winderton, is so infatuated with an actress that he intends to marry her, architect Brandon Balfour is amused. His attitude abruptly changes, however, when he learns her name, for Kate Addison broke his heart when she left him for another. Righteous indignation turns to stunned outrage when she shows no remorse, rather accuses him of betraying her. Clearly if they are to find a second chance at love, much will have to be sorted out. Fortunately, not only have both gained some hard-earned wisdom over the past fifteen years, but the old spark remains and it rapidly rekindles.

The progress of their romance demonstrates the importance of compromise if two people are to establish a happy relationship. Past errors and misunderstandings need to be forgiven, future plans modified, fresh opportunities seized. Kate is an admirable heroine: capable, yet caring; talented, yet honest about her own flaws. Her experiences, past and current, reveal the vulnerable situation of actresses in a world of male privilege during the Regency era, and her determination to prove her worth in the face of adversity is truly heroic. Recommended.