His Mistress By Morning

Written by Elizabeth Boyle
Review by Viviane Crystal

The early 19th century is often depicted with reserved, straitlaced characters adhering to rigid standards. But humans, being adventurous creatures in any age, have wild wishes that fill their daily moments with unimaginable pleasures. Miss Charlotte Wilmont is given the opportunity to live a wish made in a whimsical moment, due to a very special ring she inherits. She awakens as none other than Lottie Trent, the mistress of Sebastian Marlowe, Viscount Trent, the grandson of Thomas Marlowe, Earl of Walbrook. Both characters find each other inexplicably unpredictable, and the humor flows seamlessly through their London romp with a bit of challenge from two competitors, one honorable and one a scoundrel for sure. Boyle knows how to craft a believable, entertaining plot with just enough complexity and detail to engage the reader in 19th century English society. The dress, art, sportsmanship – indeed the magic – creatively pulses through this passionate, star-crossed tale.