His Improper Lady (The Mad Morelands Book 8)

Written by Candace Camp
Review by Ray Thompson

When Tom Quick catches a thief in the office of his detective agency, he does not expect to fall in love with her. Mind you, he does admire the agility with which she escapes; and when he tracks her down to a gambling club, the attraction between the two is instantaneous. Desiree Malone is trying to discover the identity of her father, an aristocrat who disappeared with her mother (his mistress) while she was still a child, and when she suggests they work on it together, he reluctantly agrees. They soon identify the father, but why did both parents abandon their children so abruptly? And who is trying to discourage their inquiries?

This is an involving story, and as the pair unravel the mysteries and elude danger, they fall more deeply in love, despite their determination to protect their hearts and independence. Both are admirable and sympathetic figures; they are surrounded by an intriguing and eccentric cast of characters; and the plot is fast-moving and satisfying, despite the extensive description of their sexual encounters. It does drift towards melodrama at times, but that is not unexpected in a Victorian romance. Book 8 in the Mad Morelands series. Strongly recommended.