Highland Vixen: Highland Weddings

Written by Mary Wine
Review by Bryan Dumas

Helen Grant is a stubborn woman whose will cannot be bent. Or so she thinks. After escaping MacPherson Castle and the equally stubborn war chief Marcus MacPherson, she and her friend Brenda believe they can find shelter in the court of James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton. However, he has his own plans for the women. Marcus follows in the hopes of bringing back Helen, but the Earl forces Marcus into a vile marriage with an underage English girl named Katherine—a girl he kidnapped and hoped to use to bind the Highland clans to his will. Helen rescues Marcus by offering to wed him herself. And this sets off a long, awkward romance between the two: Helen debating whether to stay wed to Marcus; Marcus clumsily trying to woo his new bride.

Set against clan struggles and the Earl of Morton’s plans for Scotland, Highland Vixen has enough history to keep it honest and enough passion to excite the senses. Though the second in a series, I didn’t feel any need to have read the first. A fun read.