Hidden In The Heart

Written by Beth Andrews
Review by Fiona Lowe

Lydia Bramwell finds herself packed off to the Sussex village of Diddlington to spend the summer with her spinster aunt, whilst her elder, and far prettier, sister Louisa trots off to London on the catch for a title. Lydia promptly finds herself pleasantly surprised by the adventures she finds herself plunged into. Murder no less! And romance! Lydia’s beau, the charmingly named John Savidge, is a delight, being plainspoken, honest as the day is long and thoroughly sensible. Lydia herself is a fine snip of a thing, spirited, intelligent and not tardy in speaking her mind either. An enchanting pair! Though personally I think the masterpiece of the novel is Aunt Camilla, a comic character with such fine sensibilities she finds it necessary to retire frequently to her chamber. There is a delightful tone of light irony and wit running through this charming Regency, most often to be found in the colourful characters inhabiting the quaintly and aptly named Diddlington. Smuggling, treasure hunting, foul murder and deception all take their turn upon the stage, yet all the many twists and strands of the plot twist together perfectly to create a very readable novel. Highly recommended.