Heiress in Red Silk (A Duke’s Heiress Romance)

Written by Madeline Hunter
Review by Misty Urban

Kevin Radnor is surprised to find that the unknown woman his uncle, the duke, made an heiress is uncommonly beautiful. Rosamund Jameson, humbly born and now a successful milliner, is surprised to suddenly inherit half of Kevin’s business. Rosamund is too practical to sign over her stake in the enterprise, and Kevin is too proud to admit that a milliner could be of any help in his efforts to improve steam engines. But as he helps Rosamund navigate her new life under the pretext of guarding his business interests, Kevin finds his fascination with her growing. And as Rosamund tackles her new life head-on, she wonders if Kevin might prove her partner in more than just business.

The characters are precisely drawn and well-matched; Rosamund’s innocent optimism and pragmatism provide balance to Kevin’s worldly sophistication and occasional self-absorption. Both teach and challenge the other in a mature, evolving partnership that is a pleasure to read. Supporting characters like Kevin’s overbearing relatives are colorfully obnoxious, while the couple from the first book in the series, Chase and Minerva, help develop the love story, which feels deeply rooted in cosmopolitan early 19th-century London. A steamy delight.