Heir to the Duke: The Duke’s Sons

Written by Jane Ashford
Review by Troy Reed

The first installment in Ashford’s new series (Duke’s Sons) is sure to please lovers of the Regency era.  We are introduced to Lady Violet Devere, a suitable choice for the dashing Nathaniel Gresham, heir to the Duke of Langford.  Violet has been unhappily under the tight control of her grandmother for her entire life.  She is looking forward to finally being able to break free from her grandmother’s grasp and embrace all that life has to offer.  Nathaniel is happy with his choice of bride and is pleasantly surprised by Violet’s passion and lively character; she is so much more than he anticipated.

During their first weeks of wedded bliss, Violet discovers a family secret that may destroy everything that she has achieved in her new life.  She has to make the difficult choice to keep the secret buried and lie to the husband she adores or confide in him and hope he will stand by her.

The overall feel of the story is heartwarming and upbeat.  Nathaniel’s brothers make brief appearances throughout the story, making the reader look forward to learning more about them and their lives.  The transformation of Violet was a joy to read, and I found myself cheering for her as she stood up to those who treated her poorly in the past.  Heir to the Duke is an appealing beginning to a new series.