Hearts of Resistance

Written by Soraya M. Lane
Review by Alice Cochran

During WWII, three women fight against the Nazi occupation of France and their numerous personal conflicts. Hazel, a Special Operations Executive (SOE) spy, trained in radio communication and how to take a life with her bare hands, is looking to prove that she is more than a future housewife. Sophia is fighting against the Nazi empire her father supports, and for the safety of the Jewish man she loves. Rose is determined to further the cause that her husband died defending. Throughout the narrative, traumatic events transform the characters quite often, sometimes almost jarring the reader with the abrupt change. While the turn of their attitudes may shock the reader, upon further thought, it is always logically justified. Between these women develops an extraordinary bond of friendship, which only gets stronger through the misfortunes they endure. Through tragedy, torture, and even a little romance, these ladies pull together to better the future of France.

This is a refreshing narrative of driven individuals and provides a welcome reminder that women are quite often their own hero, and do not need an invitation to make a difference. All in all, Hearts of Resistance beautifully tells the story of three women becoming friends, and later sisters.