Heart of Ice

Written by Alys Clare
Review by Marilyn Sherlock

In Kent in the winter of 1194, King Richard I is still a prisoner in Europe, and England is being ruled by his brother John in his absence. A mysterious sickness arrives on these shores, three people are murdered, and two more are in fear of their lives because of some secret intelligence which has come into their possession. Then the sickness reaches Hawkenlye Abbey. Intermingled with the work of the nuns at Hawkenlye are the people living deep in the forest and still adhering to the old pagan ways. There is Joanna, the healer, learning to be one of the Great Ones, and her small child, Meggie. The mystery deepens.

Heart of Ice is the sixth book in the Hawkenlye Mysteries and, like the others, involves the Abbess Helewise, Sir Josse d’Acquin and the local sheriff, Gervase de Gifford. As with all these books, the reader is transported into the heart of medieval England and is immediately caught up in the action. The characters have life and depth, and the way of life in the 12th century is vividly described.

I have read most of this series and always enjoy them.