Headwind: The Intrepid Adventures of OSS Agent Katrin Nissen

Written by K. K. Brees
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In 1940, Professor Katrin Nissen and her husband, John, are both recalled into service in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and sent on secret missions to aid in the war cause. Katrin is sent to her homeland in Denmark to provide vital information regarding the Nazis. Under the guise of a switchboard operator, Katrin endeavors to learn about Nazi tactics before they reach Norway. The story switches back and forth between Katrin’s viewpoint, her family, and that of her enemy’s double agent, Karl. Katrin must soon use the assistance of her family to confront Karl—who is posing as a pastor in their village— to find out his plans and recover some top-secret documents that will prove vital for victory.

This well-researched adventure-ridden story is smartly written and makes for an informative and entertaining read. Brees easily captures the lives and emotions of the Danes, and Katrin’s family provides a wonderful perspective on their fears and the inevitable sacrifices that must occur during wartime. With spies, murder, secret documents, and family love, this is a first-rate historical adventure novel. Highly recommended.