Written by Jo Beverley
Review by Suzanne Sprague

Lady Anne Peckworth was content to lead a sheltered life on her family’s estate in England until her younger sister wished to marry. Because custom dictates that an older sister must wed before the younger, despite an awkward limp Anne agrees to join London society with the intention of finding a spouse. In preparation, Anne practices the art of flirtation on Racecombe de Vere, her brother’s new friend. Race’s experience with pleasing women and Anne’s determination not to let him think her a schoolgirl soon cause sparks to fly. However, because he lacks a title, he cannot be considered an eligible suitor.

This novel is rather light on history, but fits in the regency romance genre well. The plot is engaging and the humorous passages describing Lady Anne’s courting exploits are quite fun. Historical details are incorporated such as the de Vere name and the elite’s social activities, but lavish descriptions of furnishings and references to political events are kept to a minimum. The novel may bother some as it strays from conservative regency territory in terms of sexuality. Overall, Hazard is a good historical romance and is recommended to those who enjoy regencies.