Hard Ride Across Texas

Written by Michael Zimmer
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Gage Pardell, at nineteen, is out looking for revenge for Henry Kalb’s attempt to molest his sister at a local dance in Shelburn, Texas. He seeks the justice that wasn’t received in court. Accidently shooting Kalb in self-defense, Gage is now on the run from bounty hunters. He decides to ride into West Texas to find and stay with his Uncle Abran. After locating his uncle, Gage is hired as a mule team wagoner, carrying buffalo hides further west to Jollytown. While on the buffalo range, Gage must still defend himself against bounty hunters. He realizes he must return home to East Texas sometime and support his self-defense plea rather than spend his life on the run.

The author has written several award-winning western novels, and this story will certainly not disappoint Michael Zimmer fans. His knowledge of western lore has captivated readers for several years. His characters come to life on the page, and the action is fast-paced. He has an excellent way of setting the scenes that provides a broad description of each locale. I always look forward to Mr. Zimmer’s next novel.