Half a Mind to Murder

Written by Paula Paul
Review by Dana Cohlmeyer

Set in the English seaside village of Newton-upon-Sea, Paula Paul’s third offering in the Dr. Alexandra Gladstone mystery series is a lovely romp through Victorian society. After losing three patients to a mysterious illness, Dr. Gladstone is pulled into searching for a killer after a body is found with its heart cut out. The villagers are quick to blame a local simpleton, but she finds clues suggesting otherwise. Fighting rigid Victorian attitudes towards women, Alexandra searches for the real killer.

A standard English mystery, this book is a pleasant read. It weaves comments on the class system and Victorian standards with a compelling plot and intriguing characters. At times it feels a bit heavy on talk and light on action, but as the suspense builds the action turns the book into a real page-turner. Overall, it’s a lovely little book for a rainy afternoon.