Guinevere: The Dragon Ring

Written by Fil Reid
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In present time, Gwen has grown up on tales of King Arthur, visiting Glastonbury Tor as a child with her father, a well-known Arthurian scholar. Over the years, at the Tor, she sees a shadowy figure lurking near the stones, whom she calls the Fancy-Dress-Man. Many years later, Gwen returns to scatter her father’s ashes and the Fancy-Dress-Man appears, dropping something. Picking it up, Gwen sees an intricate dragon ring. As she slips it on her finger, she is transported back in time. She soon learns that the Fancy-Dress-Man is none other than Merlin, who has been waiting for this moment. He expects Gwen will fulfill a prophecy, marry Prince Arthur, and help him become king.

As Gwen navigates the dangers of the new world she has been thrown into, she learns much about the realities of the Dark Ages and helps to shape the legend of King Arthur. Fantasy blends with history in this remarkable tale of love, power, and destiny. Gwen’s fascination with the times and her undeniable attraction to Arthur pull readers into this enchanting tale. While she more easily adapts to the roughness of the times than one might expect, it is nonetheless engrossing. Gwen is quickly torn between her new life as the famed Guinevere and her need to return to her own time. The book ends on a cliffhanger that will have readers anxiously awaiting the next installment.