Grace’s Pictures

Written by Cindy Thomson
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

Grace McCaffery needs a new start. She travels from Ireland to America at the turn of the 20th century, hoping to find that new start in the New World. But a stroll through Battery Park turns sinister, when local gangsters attack Grace, believing that her new Brownie camera holds photos of their mysterious leader.

Owen McNulty has a reputation to overcome. Now a dedicated police offer, Owen once enjoyed a life of privilege. Unfortunately, many of Owen’s colleagues still see him as rich and spoiled. Catching small-time gang boss Goo Goo Knox could go a long way in proving his good intentions. Will Grace overcome her distrust of the police and allow Owen into her heart? Can Owen save Grace from the notorious gang bent on destroying her?

A turn-of-the-century novel, the first in the Ellis Island series, Cindy Thomson’s Grace’s Pictures is an interesting combination of suspense, romance, and inspiration. The engaging plot will keep readers guessing. The fantastic characters will make readers want more. Most of the story centers around Grace’s journey from captivity to freedom, a journey both physical and spiritual. The understated romance between Owen and Grace is beautifully developed. Moments between these two characters are rare, but powerful. Overall, Grace’s Pictures is a wonderful read for any fan of historical Christian fiction.