Goodnight from London

Written by Jennifer Robson
Review by Caroline Wilson

Goodnight from London is the latest from Jennifer Robson, author of Moonlight Over Paris, Somewhere in France, and After the War Is Over. It’s the early days of World War II, and American journalist Ruby Sutton is seconded to London magazine Picture Weekly. She is on her own in the vast metropolis of London, but quickly acclimates and grows to love the city with the help of her new coworkers and her friend Captain Bennett. On her own since childhood, Ruby has learned to rely only on herself, but as the Blitzkrieg hits London, she tastes the triumphs and tragedies of friendship and love.

Inspired by the memoirs of her own grandmother, Robson once again excels at portraying a country at war. Ruby is a likeable if somewhat vanilla protagonist; she is easy to root for and sympathize with as the secrets of her childhood slowly unravel throughout the story. Robson’s novels are also well-researched without getting bogged down with extraneous details; the plot moves quickly even though it is fairly mundane in parts. The horrors suffered by Londoners during the many months of the Blitzkrieg are movingly portrayed. The addition of Ruby’s slow-blossoming relationship with Captain Bennett brings hope to an otherwise dismal landscape, and will appeal to romantics while not turning off those who are seeking mainstream historical fiction.

As the historical fiction market is flooded with World War II novels, readers can pick and choose amongst the worthy entries. Goodnight from London is well worth the read.