Gold Fever: A Klondike Mystery

Written by Vicki Delany
Review by Ann Pedtke

The Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 is in full swing, and Fiona MacGillivray is making the most of it. While miners’ fortunes rise and fall, Fiona attracts a steady stream of customers to her dance hall, the Savoy. The business brings Fiona prosperity, independence, and a host of adoring suitors. Life is good – until a string of murders casts suspicion on the Savoy and threatens to reveal unsettling details of Fiona’s past. Can Fiona uncover the murderer before her reputation – and her life – are laid on the line? In the Yukon, where gold fever all too often overrides the law, almost anything can happen.

In this sequel to Gold Digger, Vicki Delany merges the frontier novel, the murder mystery, and the traditional western into a fast-paced read. Although readers unfamiliar with Gold Digger may find that Gold Fever leaves frustrating gaps in Fiona’s history, Fiona is nonetheless a precocious and appealing heroine, and the sections narrated in her voice stand out against the less-engaging chapters told by her son and by the local constable. If Fiona’s haughty self-confidence betrays a rather modern sensibility, it is nonetheless heartening to see a woman taking advantage of her times to gain a firm hold on her own destiny.