Gladiatrix: The Supreme Warrior



In the third part of this fascinating story Victrix, a successful gladiatrix, now runs her own school. Resolved to avenge Queen Boudicca and her native Iceni people, she plots to bring down Rome. Her loyalties are put to the test when she meets her own cousin, Cram, who is a slave to Nero. Both want to undermine the power of Rome. However, neither can trust the other.

This exciting and realistic story is packed with action, detail and strong interesting characterisation. We are taken from the brutality and cruelty of the life of a slave and gladiator/rix to the fickle and deadly nature of the politics of Rome.

Victrix is a strong, focused and loyal heroine who rises to her quest and every challenge set before her. Her students love and respect her because of these traits and her fair leadership qualities. Her character is in stark contrast to the treachery and deceit of others. Likewise, the rich colours of opulence of the privileged life are vastly different from the humble slaves’ existence whose endless toil keeps the social elite in luxury. Life could be easily bought or demanded, or ended quickly in a society that was both superstitious and corrupt.

The story is as much a study in the subtleties of people’s motives as it is of life in the empire itself. It is an excellently written book and very good value for money.



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