Give Me Liberty

Written by L.M. Elliott
Review by Carol Anne Germain


Every young reader wants to hear about the times of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Patrick Henry. In this story, Elliott provides a prelude to the Revolutionary War in Williamsburg, Virginia, and includes glimpses of our founding fathers. The story focuses on Nathaniel Dunn, an angry young man who has lost his mother, been abandoned by his father and then experienced the rigors of being an indentured servant.

He is rescued by an endearing, elderly tutor, Basil, who provides love, education, and encouragement. The tale spans two short years, 1774 to 1775, but develops enough tension with the issues surrounding American freedom and representation. Nathaniel finds himself in between the pro-liberty and pro-Tory factions. Over time, Nathaniel’s self-confidence grows as he becomes more aware of himself and the decisions that affect his life.

In this book, Elliott stays very close to the historical facts and highlights important events prior to the Revolutionary War. Ages 9-12.