Girl in a Cage

Written by Jane Yolen Robert J. Harris
Review by Suzanne Crane

Set in the early 14th century, Girl in a Cage gives readers a glimpse of Scotland’s struggle for independence from England and her implacable king, Edward I. Narrated by young Marjorie Bruce, the captured daughter of Scotland’s new King Robert the Bruce, the story flashes back to events leading up to her horrendously inhumane imprisonment in an outdoors cage. Well researched, the cruelties and horrors perpetrated by the ambitious and power grasping selfish are clearly expressed. But even as Marjorie suffers exposure, pelting and starvation by her captors, her strength and resolve eventually evoke some mercy and goodness of the townspeople who defy King Edward and lesson her torture. Jane Yolen is renowned for her numerous collections of worldwide myths and tales, as well as novels, for young adults and Robert Harris, too, has many novels to his credit. Although aimed at the young reader, adults will easily enjoy this quick read and seeing the past through the eyes of a young princess largely overlooked by historians is very refreshing.