Ghosts of the Titanic

Written by Julie Lawson
Review by Patricia O’Sullivan

Kevin Messenger is a disappointment. He knows this because his father reminds him of it every day. Kevin is not interested in soccer like his Dad is, and Kevin is not as compliant a student as his older sister, Courtney. Only his mother occasionally cuts him a break. But everything changes when Dad gets a mysterious letter from the estate of Angus Seaton, informing him he’s inherited a seaside house near Halifax. Determined to show his father how useful he is by solving the mystery of his inheritance, Kevin learns that Angus Seaton was part of a crew that recovered the dead after the sinking of the Titanic. But as Kevin digs deeper into the connection between his father and Angus Seaton, a persistent ghost from the Titanic pushes Kevin to the edge of madness.

I read Ghosts of the Titanic in one sitting; it’s that good. Lawson weaves Angus’s story into Kevin’s story, revealing Angus’s secrets bit by bit and building the suspense to the moment when Kevin understands what happened to Angus and sets about making things right.